� An update! �
� Wednesday, May. 25, 2005 � 4:50 p.m. �

Wow. Here is a place I have not been in a really long time.

I am a sophomore.. today. I nearly cried, because my Junior High life has ended. I have changed majorly in my life, i am a lot less.. depressed, and a lot more lovin the lord and stuff. Uhmm.. here are a couple of pictures..

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A kinda stinky picture of me at Activity day. in my I love marco shirt.

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Me, Briana, Emily, Megan, and Amy at my birthday.

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Chris (current b/f) Briana and Emily at Activity day.

If you want more, tell me! Otherwise.. I am a sophomore, and I am so scared about high school.

Much love, gangsters!

You smell ubersniffalicious.. and thats why the call it the ranchero salad--
Christie aka Rounder the Porker.

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